Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Update on my albums!

Hello everyone, and happy Tuesday!

I wanted to give an update for my latest album and let everyone know that you can now download both Past to Present and The Sound WIthin on Bandcamp, Google Play, iTunes, and Amazon Music!

I will let everyone know in advance that price for Past to Present differs based on where you buy the album, but that BANDCAMP IS THE BEST VALUE FOR YOUR PURCHASE. The Bandcamp album not only offers the 10 new album tracks from Past to Present, but also includes 5 bonus tracks, which are high-quality versions of 5 of my past 8-bit songs, 8-bit Inferno, Freeride, Showdown, Vengeance, and Tundra. Essentially, for Bandcamp's $9.00 pricetag, you get 50% more music!

Thanks for your continued support!

Download Past to Present:
Bandcamp   Google Play   Amazon Music   iTunes

Download The Sound Within:
Bandcamp   Google Play   Amazon Music   iTunes

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