Sunday, November 15, 2015

Lots of New Music Available Now on Bandcamp!

It's been a long time since my last update, but I'm happy to report that new music has been posted on my Bandcamp page over the last couple months. See the details below!

Lucid Lights - This is a short trance/dance track with a simple melody and a lively, upbeat vibe. Check it out here!

Stickerbush Symphony (D&B Mix) - This is my drum & bass cover of David Wise's legendary track from Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest, "Stickerbush Symphony (Bramble Blast)". It's one of my favorites, and is available for free download, so be sure to give it a listen!

Break it Down (8-bit) - This is another original 8-bit track, featuring an alternating melody and a progressive build. I envisioned a game of chess as I made it, which heavily influenced its style. You can find it here!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

New!! Mega Man 10 - "Wily Stage 1" Cover NOW AVAILABLE on Bandcamp!

Hello, everyone!

I'm proud to announce a new track that's been released on my Newgrounds Audio page and my Bandcamp! The track is "Wily Stage 1" from Mega Man 10!

The track is available in full HD quality from Bandcamp as a free download, or as a high-quality stream from Newgrounds.

Click here to LISTEN on Newgrounds!

Click here to DOWNLOAD on Bandcamp!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Past to Present now available for streaming on Newgrounds!

Hello, everyone! I'm pleased to announce that all 10 tracks from my original 8-bit music album "Past to Present" are now available for listening from my NG Audio page!

The album is still available for sale on iTunes, Google Play Music, Amazon Music, and many other services, but you can buy it for the best value on my Bandcamp, including 5 bonus tracks (high-quality lossless renders of some of my most successful past 8-bit songs)!

Please give them a listen and share your comments! Thank you for your support!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Mega Man Battle Network Compilation (2015) NOW AVAILABLE!

Hello, everyone!

I'd like to announce the release of my newest track, "Mega Man Battle Network Compilation (2015)", now available on my Audio Page at Newgrounds, or from my Bandcamp, free of charge!

Please FOLLOW THIS LINK to check it out!

Thank you for your support!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

New Single Now Available on Bandcamp - "Can't Stop Me Now"

Hello, everyone!

I'm proud to announce the release of a new single on my Bandcamp page! It's called "Can't Stop Me Now", and it's my first attempt at a Drum & Bass song, mixed with electronic and 8-bit synths. Check it out by following the link below!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Update on my albums!

Hello everyone, and happy Tuesday!

I wanted to give an update for my latest album and let everyone know that you can now download both Past to Present and The Sound WIthin on Bandcamp, Google Play, iTunes, and Amazon Music!

I will let everyone know in advance that price for Past to Present differs based on where you buy the album, but that BANDCAMP IS THE BEST VALUE FOR YOUR PURCHASE. The Bandcamp album not only offers the 10 new album tracks from Past to Present, but also includes 5 bonus tracks, which are high-quality versions of 5 of my past 8-bit songs, 8-bit Inferno, Freeride, Showdown, Vengeance, and Tundra. Essentially, for Bandcamp's $9.00 pricetag, you get 50% more music!

Thanks for your continued support!

Download Past to Present:
Bandcamp   Google Play   Amazon Music   iTunes

Download The Sound Within:
Bandcamp   Google Play   Amazon Music   iTunes

Monday, April 6, 2015

"Past to Present" NOW AVAILABLE!! (Bandcamp, Google Play, iTunes, Amazon Music)

BIG NEWS, everyone!

I'm proud to announce that my second album, Past to Present, is now available for purchase online!

Download Past to Present from Bandcamp:

Download Past to Present from Google Play:

Download Past to Present from Amazon Music:

Download Past to Present from iTunes:


Thank you so much for your support!

"The Sound Within" now on Bandcamp, and "Past to Present" GIVEAWAY!!

Hello, everyone! I'd like to announce two exciting bits of news!

First of all, my first album, "The Sound Within" is now available for purchase on Bandcamp-- and it's cheaper than on iTunes, Amazon Music, and Google Play! You can find it by FOLLOWING THIS LINK! I'll be notified as soon as a purchase is made, and I'll do my best to send a thank you to you personally!

Secondly, and even more exciting, I'd like to announce that I'll be GIVING AWAY one (or more!) copy(ies) of my second album, Past to Present! For every 10 entries I get, I'll be giving away 1 copy of the album once it's available for download online! (1 entry per person, please.) If you purchased The Sound Within, and if you'd like to enter for a chance to win a copy, please follow the instructions below!

Thank you for your support!

How to Enter to win a FREE copy of Past to Present:
  • Note: You must have purchased a copy of The Sound Within on Bandcamp, Google Play, iTunes, or Amazon Music. ALL ENTRIES MUST BE RECEIVED BEFORE 11:59 PM ON APRIL 30th, 2015!
  • STEP 1: Open up the album on your computer or mobile device, being played with your media player of choice. (I should be able to see the album artwork, and the playlist of tracks, preferably!) I'll be posting these screenshots here on, and on my Newgrounds news page!
  • STEP 2: Take a screenshot of the album being played from your music player, and send the screenshot as an email to!
  • STEP 3: Look for a response email from to verify that I've received your entry.
    • Confirmed entries: Chris E.
  • STEP 4: Keep your eyes peeled for an official winner announcement here at, and an email from me with instructions on how to claim your free copy! I will continue to announce winners as I receive entries, but further entries will be cut off and the giveaway email address deleted as soon as April 30th passes.
That's all there is to it! I look forward to seeing your entries!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Sound Within

Below, you'll find links to all 6 tracks from my first album,  The Sound Within  from my Newgrounds Audio Page, and a downloadable preview of all 6 tracks!

If you'd like to purchase the album and download the full versions of the tracks...

You can also hear the album on Rhapsody and Spotify!

 Unleash The Sound Within! 

Announcing EliteFerrex Official News!

Hey, everyone! EliteFerrex here, proud to announce the opening of my EliteFerrex Official News page!

You'll be able to check into this feed to view all the latest about me, my music, and occasional other things. Up at the top, you'll find links to my Newgrounds, Facebook, and YouTube accounts, all of which might have content not featured here, such as my past releases, track previews, and more!

Stay tuned, and keep your eyes peeled for upcoming track previews, and lots of other content!